Stocking Schedule

Stocked 850 fish on October 20th, 2018

Stocked 425 fish on December 29th, 2018

Stocked 400 fish on February 3rd, 2019

Stocked 700-750 fish on March 20th, of 2019 (State Stocking)

Stocked 600 fish on March 31st, of 2019

Stocked 400 fish on April 20th, of 2019

Stocked 1600 fish on April 26th, of 2019 (for Adult Derby)

Stocked 1500 fish on May 1st, of 2019 (State Stocking)

Stocked 650 fish on May 10th, of 2019 (for Children’s/Juniors Derby)


Upcoming Stocking Dates:

May 18th of 2019 (500 fish)

May 25th of 2019 (500 fish)



(February 3rd Stocking Crew)

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(March 20th Crew)

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