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2020 Adult Derby

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The Wilmore Sportsman’s Club was established in 1955 by a group of men; Kirt Dell, Joe Denny, Jim Scrout, and Bill Scrout. They built this club, to not only have a place to gather and share tales, but to share their knowledge on nature, activities, hunting, safety, and how to enjoy yourself and have fun while doing them! Members are close and very friendly, they all would lend a helping hand whenever anyone would call which makes this club very enjoyable! The members of the club are selfless, doing derby’s for children for free and putting in so much time and effort to make them memorable.

Albert Einstein once stated, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” This reminds me of the Sportsman’s Club, each member shares the same feelings towards nature and respect everything and everyone around them. They stride to do the best they can to get people of all ages outside and to be more involved in all kinds of things nature. The club stocks over 8,000 fish each year in public waters for derby’s and public fishing.  They also have a shooting range out to 200 yards, good for practicing your shot. This club is out to help those around them become more aware of how beautiful nature is, along with everything in it. From tossing horse shoes outside under the sun, to practicing for a perfect shot at the range it all beings everyone of all ages closer to nature.

Wilmore Sportsman’s Club has a number of activities they are active with; for example trout derby’s, turkey shoots, ham shoots, shooting range, hatcheries, horse shoes, darts, and so much more! People are welcome to sign up to become members, its very simple and worth your time! All it takes to become a member is to fill out the application (which can be obtained if a member of the club is at the club or on the first Wednesday of each month), twenty dollars, and to be voted in by the other members. They hold a meeting the first Wednesday of every month. Come get involved, we hope to see you soon!